Fifty Shades Of I Am So Excited!

I am a bit embarrassed to admit how excited I am to see this film.  I read all three Fifty Shades of Grey the moment they were released and though they are not necessarily great works of literature they are a great steamy read.  When it was said that Hollywood was going to make it into a movie I rolled my eyes.  Movies are rarely as good as the books and the casting would need to be perfect.  I am still not sure I love the casting, or the re-casting, but from the sneak peek we get in the trailer I am happy that the movie seems to follow the story, very closely!

Christian Grey, Jamie Dornan, has his empire and the famous tattered jeans that he pairs with nothing but a chiseled bare chest.  Anastasia Steele, played by Dakota Johnson, proves to be just as awkward and adventurous as she does in the book.  The trailer, of course, has caused some controversy but for someone who has read the book I thought it was rather tame!   We also get a preview of the soundtrack, Beyonce is featured singing a sultry version of ‘Crazy In Love’ which adds an element of pop culture and urge to download the song!

I did get a giggle out of the release date, at least I know I will have a date with E.L. James for Valentines Day this year!

Single & Stylish,

xx Keylee

Fingers crossed this is the first in the trilogy!

I Didn’t Want To Leave.

The next couple of days were calm and relaxing on around the property.  Andrew worked each day while sat on the upstairs porch, Skyp’d with my divorce lawyer and answered work emails, I did have three state pageants coming up after all!  I also went running almost every day, it was a simple and lovely life.  His daughter and family would be arriving in just a few days so he decided that the two of us should go to dinner before everyone arrived, I was thrilled!  In preparation for our date night I went on my daily run and jumped into the shower.  As I was deciding what to wear I got a text from Andrew who was one building away in his office, “Change of plans for tonight, I forgot it was my monthly boys dinner.  I hope you are not upset, come to the office so we can talk.”  Upset?  No, why on earth would I be upset.  I flew 5000 miles to spend time with him and he was going out for a boys night???   I wasn’t mad; I was livid, I was hurt and more than anything I felt like an idiot.   Here I was standing out on a limb so far with my feelings, hanging his fucking laundry on a clothes line, trying to learn phrases in Portuguese, preparing his house for the arrival of his family and he is going out for a boys night?!?!  After being really really pissed for about 10 minutes I collected myself and walked into his office,  “sorry, I totally forgot about tonight, I hope it is ok” he said before I even opened my mouth.  Of course I said “sure, it is fine.”  For anyone who has ever been in a relationship you now what fine really means but, what was I supposed to do? Throw a fit?  Yell? Scream?  If he rather go out with his friends then he should go.  It was the first no win situation he had put me in and let’s just say I didn’t like it!

At this point in my recovery (that is what I have come to call the year after I left my marriage) I was not strong enough to say what was really on my mind.  So instead of saying what I wanted to say I told him I was disappointed but if he wanted to go out with the boys then that is what he should do.  I stayed in that night and stewed, ate pâté, drank wine and cried myself to sleep.  Totally healthy I know.

The next morning Andrew was his sweet usual self, but I was not in the mood.  Since I had slept in he brought me tea while I was still in bed and tried to make small talk.  I had heard him come in the night before but, of course, pretended to be sleeping, then I was up most of the night going over in my head what I wished I had said to him.  I decided to skip breakfast and go for a run, I needed to burn off some of my anger before I started my day.

When I returned about an hour later Andrew said he had a surprise for me.  Something about his smiled always seemed to soften me up.  He needed to run into town and wanted me to go, I was dying to get off the farm so I agreed.  I took a quick shower and threw on a pair of jeans.  When I came out of the house and Andrew is wearing his motorcycle gear, “we are taking the bike!” He said with a great big smile.   I have never been a fan of street bikes, but I was still a fan of his, I thought what the hell and grabbed the helmet.  As I went to put the helmet on Andrew grabbed me around the waist and kissed me deeply.  As I took a step back, slightly dazed, he looked at me and said, “thank you for not making a big deal about last night, I know you were upset.  I had a great time, but I missed you terribly.”  I said nothing and put my helmet on, crawled on the back of the bike and held on tight.

The ride was thrilling, he drove like he did most things; very intensely!  As I held onto Andrew as tight as I could I felt myself melt into him.   We went into town to run a few errands and then drove to a property that was adjacent the farm.  It was a property that Andrew wanted to purchase and restore, he had talked about it ever since we met. The land included; a forest, vineyard, two stone buildings, barn, main house and lots of history.  I could see the house and most of the property from the porch that I sat on each morning, but hadn’t seen it closeup.  For just a moment I let myself think about what life would be like there, how extraordinary it would be to purchase a piece of history like that and restore it.  I would need to make sure it had a washer AND dryer for sure!

The next day Andrew informed me I could not go running.  At first I puffed up thinking “you are not going to tell me what to do!”  He went on to explain that it was opening hunting day and since the run I took was through the countryside I shouldn’t go running for fear I would get shot!  Oh, ok I thought.  That afternoon Andrew asked me out on another date and this time he didn’t cancel.  We had a romantic dinner and a wonderful night!  His family and daughter were arriving the next day and I was thinking about how nervous I was, but soon I was blissfully asleep snuggled in next to Andrew.  I noticed the next morning that Andrew was nervous as well, running around the house making sure everything was perfect.  I was happy to see that once everyone arrived he started to relax.  We all spent the first evening in the back courtyard outside the kitchen drinking wine, eating grilled calamari and listening to his father tell story after story about the farm, Andrew and growing up in Portugal.  His father was very orderly and strict yet he was kind, warm and very funny.  I always knew that Andrew looked up to him and now I could see why.

The next few days were wonderful; we laughed, spent time with his family, went running together, laid at the pool and tried to absorb every last second of being together that we could.   We were finally through the awkward period and on the same page.  The connection we had when we first met in LA was back and stronger than ever.   I couldn’t believe how fast two and half weeks had flown by and suddenly I wasn’t ready to leave.  I didn’t know when we would see each other again and that made me nervous.

The morning I left Andrew drove me to the airport in Lisbon and we talked non-stop the whole way, I think we were both avoiding the goodbye conversation.  Part of me was excited to get back to the states but on the other hand I was super sad to leave.  I was flying to Oklahoma to see my family, so I wasn’t going home just yet, but it was a whole lot closer.  Though the trip hadn’t been perfect I knew I was going to miss him.  When we pulled up to the departure area at the airport Andrew placed my bags on the curb and walked over to me.  He grabbed me around the waist and pulled me in close, looked me right in the eyes, put his hand on my cheek and said I love you in Portuguese “amo-te” and then he kissed me.  Now I really didn’t want to leave.  As the skycap stood by waiting, I grabbed my handbag, stole one more kiss and turned to walk away.  As I got to the doors of the airport I turned back to see him still standing outside his car waiting for me to look.  I gave one last small wave and headed inside.  I knew that if I looked back again I would either start crying or run back to him so I just kept walking.

As I sat on the plane and prepared for the long flight home I thought about the trip.  It all seemed very surreal.  I had never been to a country like Portugal or with a man like Andrew.  When I thought about it all I was a little overwhelmed and was happy to finally take a deep breath and relax a bit.

I had been traveling for almost six weeks straight; LA, Miami, Bahamas, Cancun, Houston, Denver, Aspen, LA, NY, Lisbon, New Jersey, Denver, Tulsa, Wichita, Dallas and finally home to LA.  Needless to say I had a great tan, but I was exhausted and my clothing desperately wanted out of the suitcase it has been jammed into time and time again!   After my brief trip to the lake with my family, I was finally headed home and back to real life.

Sadly it turned out to be just as dreadful as I feared it would be.

Single & Stylish,

xx Keylee

After years of traveling I have perfected my inflight look. Here are a few easy and stylish pieces to wear on flights and a few essentials for any traveler!

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Are You Dating A Fake Fendi?

Is he/she really too good to be true or are you just scared to be in a relationship?

Screen Shot 2014-07-17 at 12.28.24 PM

Yes, I asked the scary question that no one is supposed to ask! In todays world of technology, backstabbers, liars, and cheats it can be hard to tell if the new person that gives you butterflies is really the great person you hope they are or is too good to be true. As a society of single women we are generally a bit jaded and negative when it comes to dating. So in this cynical state of mind it can be hard to find the answer to the question burning in our minds; are they real or are they fake?

I can spot a fake handbag a mile away, I refuse to wear fake jewelry and I eliminate fake friends out of my life as quickly as possible but somehow I ended up marrying a man with a fake life!  A girlfriend and I were playing catch up over lunch this week and she was telling all about the new guy in her life that makes her stomach flip.  After fifteen minutes of her talking non-stop about how sweet, kind, fun, thoughtful he was and how great the sex is she finished her marathon sentence with “but it is too good to be true, I just know he is hiding some major secret and he will most defiantly break my heart.”  My immediate response was “yeah, he sounds too good to be true.”  Then I caught myself.  Maybe all these guys are too good to be true because that is what we expect of them, that is what we put out into the universe and that is what we attract!

One of my best girlfriends started dating a new girl. She has been madly in love with her from the start, they had said I love you within the first week and by the end of the second week they were practically living together! I know you are thinking; “of course they moved quickly, that is what lesbians do!” But this was not typical behavior for my friend, so I knew it was serious.   She had mentioned she met someone new and when I called to make sushi plans she said it would be three instead of two. What?  She was bringing the new girlfriend to our sushi night? I had been out of town for almost a month and to be honest I was a little miffed that she invited an outsider!  By the end of dinner it was obvious how they felt about each other and I am pretty sure I could have slipped out after my third sake and neither of them would have noticed.  They have now been dating for more than 6 months and my friend keeps thinking that her girlfriend is going to leave her.  I asked why she thinks this and she said exactly what I thought she would; “She is way too nice. She does things for me for no reason, she wants me to meet her family, she helps take care of my dogs when I am working. I just know she is going to leave.”   “Yes, I can see why you would think that but I think that is what they call a healthy relationship and it means she actually loves you, not plotting to leave you!” I said.   For once, I wasn’t even being sarcastic!  I didn’t blame her for thinking that way, I have thought that many times and sadly that is how our brains work.   Yet when someone is an asshole and showing us who they really are we make excuse after excuse to convince ourselves that they like us and things will be different!

After hundreds of dates, two marriages, countless crushes and the hope of finding true love I have come up with a system to detect the fakes!

5 Steps To Determine If Your Dating A Fake Fendi!

  1. Ask you friends.  Just as if you were shopping and you needed a second opinion on how your ass looks in a pair of $300 jeans- ask your friends!  Don’t wait to introduce your new interest to your close friends, make it a casual and fun encounter.  We always seem to have better radar when we are not the one feeling the butterflies!
  2. Keep the testing to a minimum.    It is fair to run a few small tests when you are dating someone new but don’t go overboard.  If it were a handbag you would look at major factors; the logo, the hardware, the quality of leather, the lining, etc.  When looking at a potential love interest it is our nature to want to do a full google stalking and investigation before we even know them.  Relax, find out what is at the surface and then dive deeper if you feel it necessary!
  3. Don’t set them up for failure.  Admit it, as women we can be difficult to get a long with at times but don’t sabotage something before you even know what it is!  Don’t put your new interest in impossible situations but if they fail on their own then you know they are a fake and you should move on…quickly!
  4. Let them show you who they are. When someone you are dating shows you who they are, believe them!  Good or bad.  Fake bags usually have a few over the top features; extra bling, extra straps, bright colors.  If a person is fake they usually are a bit over the top as well; throwing around cash, trying too hard to impress you, telling you how “popular they were in college!”  (Yes, that actually happened to me on a date.)  If these features start to surface, move on!
  5. Know that you deserve someone who is too good to be true.  This is the most important step.  It really is that basic and if they don’t live up to it then cut bait and get back on Tinder!  You have to believe that you deserve someone who gives you butterflies, opens the car door, makes you feel special, makes you laugh and rocks your world.  Call it too good to be true or just call it What I Want!

Single & Stylish,

xx Keylee

It Was Something I Had Never Done Before.

He was there, whew!  Waiting at the airport outside customs, he was there looking oh so handsome in a tight black t-shirt and loose jeans.  What I remember most was the great big smile he had when we finally made eye contact.  At that moment, all the nervousness and anxious feelings just melted away!  We had a brief Love Actually type makeout session in the airport and headed to his car.  Andrew needed to run and an errand to straighten out his motorcycle registration and the government office that handles these things is open about 4 hours a week so that was our first order of business.  It was hot, crowded and boring, but I didn’t care.  We were together and it gave us time to talk while he was waiting his turn to be called by the women behind the small window.  Everything in Lisbon was 100% different than LA and I found it interesting and beautiful.

I was a bit overwhelmed by the time we got to the house.  The “village “ he lived in was just that, literally a village.  The church in the middle of town, two elderly men playing chess outside the tiny market, a few buildings making up the town square and lots of beautiful flowers everywhere.  The streets were so narrow it seemed impossible for two cars to pass each other and all of the housing was built directly up to the road.  It was as if you stuck your head out the front door to look around a passing car could rip right it off.  As we turned down a path we came to large metal gates, that had a plastic bag hanging on them. Andrew stops the car grabs the bag and opens the gates… it was magical.  When he came back to the car I learn that the bag is the daily bread delivery.  An elderly woman who lives in the village bakes and delivers bread each day.

As we drove through the gates I was speechless; orchards, a stone barn that was at least 300 years old, a few smaller stone buildings scattered throughout the property, pool on the lawn, the house was a mix of new construction and hundreds of years of history, and rolling hills as far as the eye could see.  The only thing missing was a unicorn grazing in the backyard!  After a quick tour of the property, I was anxious to take a shower (not by myself) and lie down for a nap.  I unpacked my things and slept like a baby.  When I woke I found Andrew in the kitchen preparing dinner.  The kitchen was in the bottom floor of the house and was very small, event he refrigerator was tiny.  We ate outside in the downstairs courtyard at a big table, his two employees joined us that night as they were living in the house as well for a couple of months while working on a project.  The food was so fresh and everything tasted different, it was delicious!

Mornings were my favorite; waking up next to Andrew, making tea and sitting on the porch with my laptop and the most incredible view I had ever seen.  It took me a few days to adjust to the time change, but almost no time at all to adjust to him.  That day we picked fruit in the orchard and went for a run.  As we ran through the hillside he filled me in on all the history, one of the bridges had been there since basically the beginning of time and Roman soldiers had marched across it.  To think I got excited when my apartment complex, that was built in the 1950’s, achieved historical status!  Once I met Andrew I quickly learned that Portuguese were very proud people and the only thing they loved more than the history of their country was talking about it!

The next night we went to out to dinner, I, of course, had no idea what to order but said as long as it was seafood I was happy.  I noticed Andrew was a bit moody and it was a side of him I didn’t like.  After dinner as he and his employees, yes they were with us as well, ordered desserts I asked for another glass of wine.  Andrew looked at me crossly and made a point of telling me that in Portugal they rarely serve wine by the glass, wine was to be drunk at dinner.  I looked at him and said, “In America we are allowed to drink wine whenever we like.”  I don’t think that comment made him very happy but I am not one to be talked down to- ever.

At this point, my journal entries are all over the map.  Andrew started pulling away slightly and I had no idea how to react.  I was in a foreign country staying at his home and he was pulling away from me.  What the fuck was I going to do?  I decided to do what grown-ups do, I talked to him about it.  Quickly I realized that guy who spew bullshit are not just located in Los Angeles but all over the world.  I got the canned excuse basically saying he was very sorry and he was so happy I was there, but he was stressed out about his latest work project and knowing that his family was coming to visit.  He then said the one thing that made me want to slap him, “I am happy you are here, but it does add pressure and stress to my day.” “Let me get this straight.  YOU invited me to come visit and now I am stressing YOU out?” I asked while not trying to sound too angry.  After a brief exchange and listening to him back pedal I decided I would go for a run.  During my run, I got super emotional and started crying… this is when I decided to walk.  What on earth was I doing? Why did I even decide to come here?  As I got back to the house Andrew was waiting for me with an apology.  He felt bad that we had fought.  I accepted his apology and thought well, we just had our first fight!  The truth was I loved him, call it lust or extreme happiness that I was finally feeling happy, but I loved him.

I kept asking him if there were things I could do around the house, I wanted to be helpful and to be honest I was bored!  I need to wash my workout clothes so I offered to do a bit of his laundry.  I figured out the washer and when it was done couldn’t find the dryer.  I went into the office to ask where it was, he started laughing.  He said” go outside the kitchen door and it is around the side of the house.“  I didn’t know why he was laughing so I turned and went to grab the wet clothes.  I figured it was outside due to an exhaust issue or something, the house was hundreds of years old after all.  As I walked around the corner of the old stone structure I didn’t see a dryer…. I saw a clothesline.  What??? He still hangs all of his laundry?  I get that the house is old and everything is made of stone and basic but no dryer???  I couldn’t decide if I wanted to cry or laugh.  I picked up the small basket of pins and decided to just go with the flow.  So for the first time in my life I hung laundry.

The next day we went into Lisbon, just the two of us.  I was so excited to spend time alone with him and as we drove around the city I was fascinated with all the graffiti art, architecture, and people.  We pulled into an underground parking garage and as I got out of the car Andrew grabbed me, pushed me against the wall and started kissing me- then he really started kissing me.  Before I knew it we were in a full on makeout session.  He carried me behind the jeep and started to slide my dress up, I was suddenly so happy I had worn a dress!  His hands were all over my body, my heart was racing- it was hot! Soon we heard the elevator ding and knew someone was coming.  I composed myself, tried to wipe the lip gloss that I was sure was all over my face and we headed to the streets to begin our day exploring the city.

We stopped for a romantic lunch at this picturesque café on a cobble stone side street, toward the end of the meal Andrew asked me a question.  “I need to ask you something and you have to promise to be honest,” he said.  I was immediately defensive because I hated the indication that I would ever be dishonest.  “Did you date other men after I left LA?” He asked.  I looked at him as I took a sip of my wine and said “I will never lie to you about anything.  Yes, I did go on a date but he is more of a friend than anything.” I, of course, was talking about my evening with Jaxton.  As the words left my mouth I could see that was not the answer he wanted to hear.  Andrew turned cold, got short with me and asked the waiter for the check.  “What are you so upset about?  I had no idea if I would ever see you again!  We had known each other for a week, we were not serious!” I protested.  As we walked away from the table I grabbed his arm “Hey! Don’t walk away from me!  Andrew, it was not a big deal!” I said trying to convince him.  “It is a big deal to me!  I haven’t dated anyone else since I got back!” He said.  I quickly responded, “If you didn’t want me to date anyone else then we should have talked about!  You not dating anyone is not the same, you live in a village where the average age of the women is 75!” He turned and I could see it in his face, he found my comment funny and he cracked a very small smiled.  I knew he wasn’t happy about what I had told him, but he was trying to at least understand.  We went on about our day shopping and exploring the city, we finally decided to head back to the farm.  I noticed Andrew got off the highway on a different exit then we had entered.  When I questioned him he said he wanted to show me the view from an old windmill at the top of the hill.  I soon found out what he really wanted was to do was finish what we had started in the parking garage.  I hadn’t done that in a car in a very very long time!

Single & Stylish,

xx Keylee

Visiting a city with cobble stone streets, in Europe or elsewhere, is the perfect excuse to give your feet a break and wear flats! These are summer of my favorites this summer!

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